Jul 012020

Lick My Sweaty Feet And Dirty Asshole with xbeautyrussianx [FullHD]

This was a custom video order, no names are used.

“The video will start with you coming in from a run and you are extremely soaked with swear. Begin talking about how stinky and sweaty you are. After that, mention that I have been a good little slave lately and you are granting me the privilege to lick and drink the sweat off your body.
Turn around and pull your pants down as you show off your bare asshole really close to my face and tell me to smell your stinky asshole.

Tell me to lick and drink the sweat that’s running down your ass crack. You can linger here and keep degrading me if you wish. Move your face close to the camera and tell me that’s not the only thing I will be enjoying from your asshole. Tell me I will be smelling and savoring your plops since you know everything about them drives me crazy.It doesn’t matter if the plops are solid or if they are liquid, you know that I love them all. Before you can bless me with that ultimate treat, I have to clean your disgusting and sweaty feet. Mention that the reason you didn’t wear socks is because you wanted to ensure they were completely dirty before shoving them in my mouth. Take your shoes off and shove your bare feet directly in front of my face as you command me to smell them and breathe in the fragrance. Tell me to start licking them and make sure I adequately clean off any grime that has accumulated on them. Make me get all the gunk in between your toes and also tell me to clean your toenails as well. Tell me to suck on each toe making them nice and squeaky clean. You can be as degrading as you want to be.

Bringing your face close to the camera again, tell me that because I did such a good job smelling and licking your dirty asshole and sweaty feet, you are going to bless me with the ultimate gift from your asshole.
Tell me to open wide because you have the one thing I crave so badly.
Stand over me and give me the gift I deserve all in my mouth and all over my face.”

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