May 112019

POV Pooping in Toilet Peteuse

This clip is priced lower than usual, as it was my sister’s first time filming herself shitting. So it is pretty amateur, like she has to adjust the camera while filming LOL, and some of the angles are not so great! But you DO get to see enough of her pooping to make it a worthwhile purchase!
You want to see my sister Babushka’s butthole pushing out her dumps? This is the first time EVER that she has made a truly graphic, see-all toilet video! Three scenes of Babushka’s never-before-seen brown turtleheads coming out of her butt, and one new bonus scene from me where I also push out those turds I am known for!

Model: Peteuse
Fetishes: scat, defecation, scatology, poop, shit, kaviar scat

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