May 052019

MJD-02 Terada, Yumi Sarah Mizushima Force Shit 2

Scattro series “dung force” second! Two high school girls are covered with heels! In the outdoor defecation, twist long and thick feces wonderfully and apply it to uniforms! A sailor suit that gives off a bad smell with the unko covered! Go indoors and have an enema, and feces next to feces! A crying face, a feces with enthusiasm, an enema fluid vigorously squirting from anal, a smashingly powerful Unco-fella, and an astonishing uncoupe-covered 4P, a storm of unrecognizable uncoupe!

Genre(s): Sailor Suit, 3P, 4P, Enema, Scat, Defecation
Cast: Mizushima Saryou, Terada Yumi

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