Jun 082018

Extreme methods of personal hygiene – Part 1

Why do you think I have such healthy white teeth, such luxurious skin and such beautiful hair? Because I use the best means of personal hygiene, I use my shit to clean my teeth, use the shit to lubricate the skin and use vomit as a shampoo. All this you will see in the new video. The video consists of two parts. In the first part, I very slowly squeeze out of the beautiful ass long shit. Shit crawls out so slowly that you can fully enjoy this process;) Then, with a really pleasure, I brush my teeth, you’ll see how my teeth begin to get covered with a warm brown paste)) mmm … this is much better than Colgate))) Ahahah)))
Well and naturally I do not forget about a skin, and the face and a breast and a stomach I cover with excellent shit.

What will be in the second part, I will say later. Keep track of my updates, in 1-2 days I will upload the second part of the video … it will be even hotter. And especially like fans of vomit;)

Categories: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Brown wife

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