Mar 252018

Yana eat our shit with spoons

Carolina and Alice decided to experiment with me . We argued with my friends that I would eat a whole glass Cup of shit , my friends didn’t believe it and we decided to check it out . The first went to a glass dish Caroline removed her panties and filled a glass plate liquid diarrhea and urine , after Caroline had filled a plate of shit and urine Caroline vitera ass from shit panties put back on his ass . Next to the glass plate came Alice , she also removed her panties and filled a glass bowl of shit and urine , then Alice is also not vitera her ass wearing panties back in the dirty ass . Then I walked over to a glass dish and filled the bowl with shit and urine , after that I wore panties and took a glass plate in hand , and sat beside the girls , Alice and Caroline took up the spoon and began to feed me by shit and piss from the glass plates . A lot of shit and urine I consumed food . I completely emptied the plate from the shit and urine . I like to eat shit and drink urine .

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