Jan 292018

Bathing in shit water. Part 1

How nice to take a bath after a hard day’s work. I was so impatient today to go home to quickly cover my body with fresh shit! How I love the feeling of smeared body shit!
This video consists of two parts!
In the first part you can enjoy the bewitching process of smearing shit. After all, what can you look at forever? How the water flows, how the fire burns .. and how the girl smears her own shit on the face and body)) This will excite even a 90 year old grandfather!)))
In the second part I take a bathroom. Having collected a lot of water, I go to the bathroom. The water is clean at first. I wash the shit off the body, it becomes cleaner, and the water becomes dirtier. Only one face remains in shit … like a dirty whore! At the same time I stick my fingers in the pussy and fuck myself! Would you like to bathe with me in such water? )))

P/S Thank you, my dear, for downloading my videos so often. This means that you like my work. And this gives me an incentive to shoot more and more videos, to come up with more and more dirty stories. I love everyone!

Categories: Brown wife, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing.

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