Jan 282018

AnnaAngelXXX Model Schoolgirl Gets a Milky Enema and Shits

Hey guys! I hope you like my pooping clips so far 🙂 Today I am your sexy model schoolgirl. I start off posing for you and smoking my cigarette. I haven’t shit today so we need to get started ASAP. I start by pissing in a bowl. I need to taste my morning piss so I start to pour it on myself and in my mouth. It is so good! I have been holding my shit for this video and I really need to go. I turn around and let you watch me shit from behind. It comes out with ease but I need to make sure I got it all so I ask for an enema. First I use water to get more shit out. I don’t feel like I got it all so I take another enema shot, this time of milk. I shit out the milk into a bowl for a delicious milk shake with poop inside. I hope you like it! XOXO

Genre: Scat, Piss, Enema, Smoking, Solo Scat

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