Sep 012017

EllaGilbert and JosslynKane Mommy and aunt gets naughty

My lovely sister, Josslyn, invited me over. This is going to be the most interesting visit Ive ever had haha
Its seems that not too long ago, Joss descovered her 19y.o son’s fantasy. He used to spy on her at the shower or when she was using the bathroom. She once caught him and decided to change their life style by allowing him to watch her. She never closes the bathroom’s door now.
Well let me tell u how it all has begun. I reached her place wearing a short and tight purple dress and while we were sitting talking abt our next vacation on the sofa, I could feel somebody staring at me, it was her son who couldt take his eyes off my legs.I was looking at Joss so confused but she calmed me down telling me its everything ok and thats when I also heared the story of his fetishes and how she is willing to satisfy them and she also encouraged me to allow her son to look at me and to also try and show him some more. I was a bit reserved at first but she always knew how to make me feel comfortable in a short period of time haha. So in a few mins I will be fully naked posing sexy for my nephew while my sister spanks my ass lol
And guess what, this is not all!! She gets a call and she gotta run to work asking me to take care of my nephew who now holds his cock in his hand strocking like there’s no tomorrow. I cant say no to my sister so after she leaves, I will stand in front of her son, so he can perfectly see my asshole ans start pushing untill a lovely piece of shit comes out. I’m gonna go on my knees now and start fingering my dirty asshole till my nephew cums loads!!
I had a hell of a day and Im definitely looking forward to our family vacation!

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