Jul 052017

MUSO-0151 Sow Shima Shiko Enema video Legendary Z II Regret, And Falls On A Dog

A certain torture room, a woman with a fleshy body treated like a pet. Pour urinate while wearing pants. Self-made FUCK with the dildo attached to the pillar. Immediate narcissism. Tied up as open legs to release urine. Forced repatriation of the woman’s small water in her body by enema. Pierce Mr. Utomiya, inject a man ‘s urine into his eyes. Then casually torn with a candle restrained in a cross. Fly further with a burner. BACKFUCK with a bell on the nipple. A man who takes enemas to plenty of natural water on a clear stream in the mountains, taking out to the open air. Release natural water mixed with feces into the clear stream. Masturbating acts were repeated endlessly with the bell attached to the nipple. Appendix: Professor Shima Mamoru’s comment.

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