Apr 142017

SLKF-001 Front & Back Double Toilet Shot Fuck 1 Garter Belt Edition

SLKF-001 Front & Back Double Toilet Jade Fuck 1 Garter Belt Edition

A new series of slits appeared. This time we added another 5 turtles to the previous 4 turtles. Of course, that alone will not end. I also adopted the full shot from behind, not only the full shot from the past but also the many requests. Therefore, this work has become 5 turtle 3 multi angle specification of ① front full shot + bottom up camera, ② back full shot + face turtle, ③ directly under angle shot from toilet bowl + face turtle. And this theme is the garter belt. I think that you can enjoy excretion shots of sexy women. ※ This work is multi angle specification. It is a trick that can be enjoyed by switching to your favorite angle. Please use the “angle change” function of DVD playback equipment.


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