Mar 222017


F15-11 Tracking field Guso field tion daughter stalking peeing blunder site

Sorrowful woman kyorochiro dubious woman. Kossori, sometimes calling and boldly turning. so! Just like a hyena that hunts targeted prey !! Right now it is exactly the moment of excretion “What are you doing with your ass being rolled out?” A woman who is surprisedly hurried and wears his pants but leaves it as it is beyond the limit of patience. I will not forgive the woman who leaves the place on the early walk to shake it off. I will let you leave a large amount at the end of the roundabout. A woman who looks excreted by a strange man and embarrasses her face. I am angry and said, “I will call the police,” she said. To a woman who took off the dirty pants, he continues calling me as if I’m sorry for shame as saying “It’s a sister’s lost article”. But there was no woman to receive but disappeared into the crowd with a nap pan.


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