Feb 212017

VRXS-147 Japan Older Sister Shit Anal Enema

VRXS-147 Defecation Restaurant

We promise the best hospitality at “Shokan”. “Feces hand-rolled sushi” in the signboard menu is a complete reservation system as it requires preparation from the previous day. After having tasted feces and female body in the “golden female body prime” high demand as entertaining course, please warm your body and mind with beautiful women sucking to you like supreme. After eating, we will offer our own unique delicacies with “Golden Juice” and “Shiratama Yunnaku” spouting from the anus. We are waiting for the reservation from everyone.

Genre(s): Anal Enema Older Sister Mature Woman Defecation
Cast: Aoyama Masaki Amano Koyuki Onmae Juri Sakura Yamayoi


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