Jan 222017


E37-04 Teacher’s toilet Observation continued female teacher Uncovering a toilet stool by a colleague teacher

A half year from that, the ○ ○ elementary school located in Kansai somewhere. A teacher got a camera on the teacher ‘s girls’ toilet. Again the vivid excretion of female teachers was highlighted. A person who ceased to be a school district movement, a new prey that came in by mistake. It is recorded as a beautiful teacher as many times as it is targeted. You can watch over a splendid piece of ghetto and Jule flushing in a short break time, as well as a wide variety of stool that change even by the same woman. It also contains the everyday scenery in the staff room, the panchira image looking out from the hard clothes, the image of the changing room, and so on. I can see the obsession with this colleague of this hidden person.


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